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Our story is intertwined with life in Robanov Kot, Solčava, Podolševa, and Logar Valley. You can discover all the hidden corners and stories, but you need enough time, curiosity, and readiness.

Solčavsko consists of three Alpine valleys – Logar Valley, Matkov Kot, and Robanov Kot. Our homestead is located in the latter. The Robanov Kot valley has been protected as a natural landmark since 1950 and as a landscape park since 1987. The locals’ love for nature is evident at every step.

In the immediate vicinity of our homestead, you can take a walk to the Bela stream that flows next to the house. It takes about an hour’s walk to reach the end of the valley, where Robanova Planšarija is located. Robanov Kot is also an excellent starting point for visiting Planina Strelovec and other surrounding mountains.

The Logar Valley Landscape Park is a little over 10 minutes drive from us, where you can see numerous natural landmarks and nearby farms. You can take a walk along the well-maintained hiking trail through the valley, visit the Rinka or Palenk waterfall, and hike to one of the many surrounding peaks. At Klemenča Jama, Okrešelj, or Grohot, you can replenish your energy in mountain huts.

In the village of Solčava, which is a 5-minute drive from us, you can explore the rich cultural and natural heritage. Among other things, you can see the more than 600-year-old Gothic Church of Mary Snow, the Bicka boutique, which sells felt products made from Solčavsko-Jezerska sheep wool, or exhibitions about Solčava at the Rinka tourist center.

Solčava is the starting point of the panoramic road that leads through Podolševa, Matkov Kot, and Logar Valley. The panoramic road offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and high-altitude farms that have existed here for centuries. You can also stop at some of them and try local specialties.

In the Savinja Valley, you can enjoy many activities during the warm months. In addition to hiking, you can go kayaking on the Savinja River, paragliding, climbing, archery (at the Gradišnik tourist farm), and more activities (Funpark Menina, Dolina avantur).

You can discover all of this and more on your vacation with us. We will be happy to advise you.

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