Staying with us at the Govc-Vršnik farm includes a true culinary delight. So, don’t miss the chance to taste the homemade delicacies prepared in our kitchen.

It all started with sour milk and modest accommodation over forty years ago.

At our farm in Robanov Kot, in the Upper Savinja Valley, which amazingly resembles a valley of peace, we started filling the first guest book in 1960 – those who stopped for a snack on their strenuous journey and those who spent several days on the farm.

Price list for dishes

Govc lunch
25,00 €
Lunch with starter27,00 €
Cottage cheese dumplings with cranberries10,00 €
Meat-filled dumplings10,00 €
Vegetable-filled dumplings10,00 €
Homemade sausage with sauerkraut9,00 €
Soup4,00 €
Roast meat13,00 €
Beef in sauce with dumplings13,00 €
Various side dishes3,50 €
Daily desserts3,70 €
Homemade cold cuts platter12,00 €
Homemade pâté or butter with bread6,00 €
Plate of dairy products (cottage cheese, cream, butter, cheese)7,00 €
Sour milk with bread3,50 €
Buckwheat spoonbread3,50 €

Please let us know in advance if you would like a vegetarian lunch and inform us of any allergies.

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