Farm stay in the heart of untouched nature

At our farm, you can enjoy the homely atmosphere surrounded by the beauty of untouched nature, which we, the locals, take care of closely connected to our heritage.

Our story

For over half a century, the Govc-Vršnik homestead has been offering accommodation and food to travelers who stop by in Robanov kot. Our story began with our mother Nina, who founded one of the first tourist farms in Slovenia.


You won't go hungry here. We cook traditional Slovenian/homemade dishes on a wood-burning stove, following recipes passed down from generation to generation.


We believe that a good breakfast is essential for a great start to the day.

Lunch and dinner

We offer dinners to our bed and breakfast guests, prepared differently every day.


We offer a variety of dishes, which you can check out in our menu.


Take a stroll in the untouched nature, enjoy the clear Bela stream, sit on the terrace or in front of the house, and observe the farm’s life.

Handcrafted from local materials

We offer ten rooms that provide views of nature and are equipped with warm Solčava wood.


The farm’s surroundings include farm buildings from previous centuries that connect us to the past.


After exploring Robanov Kot or the surrounding valleys, you can relax in our Finnish or infrared sauna.

We'll make sure you feel at home.

Where are we located?

Our story intertwines with life in Robanov kot, Solčava, Podolševa, and Logar Valley. You can get to know all the hidden corners and stories. You just need enough time, curiosity, and willingness.

Robanov kot

The Robanov kot valley has been protected as a natural monument since 1950 and as a landscape park since 1987. The locals' love for nature is evident at every step.

Solčava panoramic road

The panoramic road offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and highland farms that have existed here for centuries. You can even stop at some of them and try local delicacies.

Logar valley

The Logar valley landscape park is just over 10 minutes' drive from us, where you can see many natural landmarks and farms.


Moments captured through the lens on our farm.

Breathe in nature and tradition in Robanov kot

Farm stay in the heart of untouched nature

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