The Green key certificate

The Green key certificate

In 2023 we attained Green Key certification, which is a standard of excellence, guaranteeing our commitment to environmentally friendly and sustainable operations.

As a family, we want to preserve the immediate and wider surroundings to remain the way we inherited them from our ancestors, and we encourage our visitors to do the same. We kindly ask you to adhere to the main guidelines below, which are extremely important to us.


Water from all taps throughout the accomdation is safe to drink. Please, do not buy bottled water.


We breed our own pigs and cattle serving only homebred pork and beef. We also produce a variety of dried meats and dairy products, as well as vegetables from the garden and greenhouse. Our food is cooked on a wood stove.


Please do not leave any litter or rubbish amongst nature. Bring it back with you to the accomodation and leave it in the bins located on the 1st floor. Please seperate all recyclable items into their according bins.


This is a working farm, please do not disturb the animals and respect them both in the pasture during summer and in the barn during winter. Do not feed the animals and approach them only with the permission of the household.


We change towels upon request of the guests, and bed linen no earlier than after one week of your stay in order to keep our environmental impact down. We clean the rooms only upon request.

Energy and Heating

Please be economical with the use of electricity. At 10 p.m., we turn off the lights in common areas and in the front of the house. We heat the house and the water with woodchips, obtained from our local forests, but we still ask that you be economical when opening the radiators and that you do not air the rooms unnecessarily.

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