Our story

For more than half a century, the Govc-Vršnik homestead has been offering accommodation and food to travelers who stop in Robanov Kot. Our story began with our mother Nina, who founded one of the first tourist farms in Slovenia.

The farm is located in the Solčavsko region, in the Robanov Kot valley, surrounded on all sides by the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Robanov Kot has been a protected natural monument since 1950, and the area is enlivened by only a few isolated farms, with a special sensitivity woven into this space. Due to its exceptional beauty, peace, and seclusion from the main road, our farm is an ideal place to relax.

We opened our first guest book in 1960, but even before that, occasional hikers passing by could refresh themselves at the farm. Since then, together with our guests, we have been weaving new stories each year and building on the tradition of our farm, which has been taken care of by the third generation. In addition to tourism, we have maintained agriculture, which allows us to offer our guests homemade delicacies.

Here, you can enjoy a homely atmosphere amidst the beauty of untouched nature, for which the locals are closely connected to their heritage.

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